Aloe Ninja

AR Experiments

Trying augmented reality

MQTT Remote

Over-engineered solution for unpausing VLC player


Mechanical keyboard with integrated USB 2.0 hub


TUI SSH connection manager

Mining Dashboard

Android app for monitoring bitcoin mining operations

MQTT Soil Moisture Sensor

First step for automating plants watering

MQTT Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Device for indoor air quality control


Two-way bridge between WEB and MQTT worlds

Ticker Monitor

A simple device that allows you to monitor the stock price.

Courgette board

ATMega328 prototype board

Coffee stencils

Stencils for easy cappucino art

Stitching hoops

Various sized hoops for embroidery

Vaping device

Ancient technology for smokeless nicotine consumption

Armwrestling Training Handle

Simple addition for training machine for developing arm muscules

Flower pots

Elegant flower pots for succulents (and small aloes)

Punch knife

lightweight, undetectable, mass-producible ninja’s toy